Haris Epaminonda
b. 1980 Nicosia, Cyprus Haris Epaminonda's collages seem to be the products of rifts in time, or more simply, the visions of a dreamer and historian: Ancient Egyptian and Cypriot artifacts begin to radiate colored auras, buildings are gripped by architectural and spatial schizophrenia, and polite living rooms are fractured by shards belonging to far-off locales and disparate temporal registers. But, despite the violence of Epaminonda's interventions, her works nevertheless exude a surprising calm, as if they aspire to achieve the qualities of those mute artifacts and imposing architectures that they so often depict. Intermingled with this sense of equilibrium and reserve is a tinge of nostalgia for the lost empires her shards represent. Epaminonda's collages explore civilizations in which the artist has never lived, while reimaging the past by joining artifacts across history and time.