Hlonipha Mokoena
Hlonipha Mokoena received her PhD from the University of Cape Town in 2005. She is currently Associate Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, New York. Her articles have been published in Journal of Natal and Zulu History, Journal of Religion in Africa, Journal of Southern African Studies, Scrutiny2: Issues in English Studies in Southern Africa, and Baobab: South African Journal of New Writing. She has contributed opinion pieces and book reviews to African Studies Review, History & Theory, the Politics of Jacob Zuma, ACAS Bulletin No. 84, the blog Africa is a Country, and the exhibition “PASS-AGES: References & Footnotes.” Mokoena’s first book is on Magema M. Fuze (author of Abantu Abamnyama Lapa Bavela Ngakona [1922] / The Black People and Whence They Came [1979]), and is titled Magema Fuze: The Making of a Kholwa Intellectual.
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