Dafna Naphtali
Dafna Naphtali is a sound-artist and improviser-composer from an eclectic background of music-making. A singer/guitarist/electronic-musician, she performs and composes using custom Max/MSP/Jitter programs for sound processing of voice and other instruments that she has been writing since 1992. Besides her composing and improvised projects, she co-leads the digital chamber punk ensemble, What is it Like to be a Bat? with Kitty Brazelton (http://www.whatbat.org) and has collaborated / performed with many fine improvising musicians and has performed and traveled widely to perform. She's received commissions and awards from NY Foundation for the Arts, NY State Council on the Arts, Meet the Composer, Experimental TV Center, American Composers Forum, and a residency at STEIM (Holland). Dafna has taught at New York University and other schools in the US and in Europe and programs and consults about Max/MSP since 1996 for Harvestworks in New York.
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