Miguel Frasconi
Miguel Frasconi is a composer and performer of new exploratory world music. By combining traditional Western and non-Western instruments with experimental forms, modern electronics, glass, and other devolved instruments, he creates a music that sounds from a uniquely imagined tradition. As a keyboard player and glass musician he has worked with many of new music's most respected composers, including John Cage, Brian Eno, Jon Hassell, and James Tenney. As a percussionist he has spent many years studying the music of South India, West Africa, and Indonesia. As a performance artist he has explored early twentieth-century experimental forms, including the work of the Dada and Fluxus movements. Frasconi's early work includes ten years as a founding member of The Glass Orchestra, Toronto's internationally acclaimed new music ensemble featuring all glass instruments. He has continued this exploration of glass in his solo and ensemble music, performing on a number of new musical instruments he has developed over the years.
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