Liza Béar
Liza Béar is a writer, filmmaker, and media activist based in New York since 1968, was the cofounder of Avalanche (1970–76), and a founding member of Colab. In 1979, after several years doing video docs and interactive telecommunications experiments with other artists, she cofounded Communications Update. Her films have been shown at the São Paulo Biennial, the Festival of the Other Avant-Garde, Austria, the Edinburgh Film Festival, Anthology Film Archives, the Museum of Modern Art and many other international venues. Awards include a NEA Artist Fellowship (1983), Jerome Independent Filmmaker Fellowship (1984), and NYFA Creative Non-Fiction Fellowship (1990). Since 2003, she has made 250 short political and art films shown on the internet and other venues. Her film Earthglow was screened at the ICA, London, and the Kinomuzeum Festival, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, in spring 2013. For more information and video content relevant to this event, visit Liza Béar’s blog.
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