Jeff Kolar
Jeff Kolar is an audio artist and curator working in Chicago. His work, described as “speaker-shredding” (Half Letter Press) and “wonderfully strange” (John Corbett), includes cross-platform collaboration, low-powered radio, and live performance. Kolar is a free103point9 Transmission Artist and is the Director of RADIUS, an experimental radio broadcast platform. His work has been released on Panospria (Canada), Hak Lo-Fi Record (France), free103point9 (USA), and has appeared in compilations by (Australia) and Sonic Circuits (USA). His video work was published in the DVD journal Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art. He presents at festivals, radio programs, exhibitions, and performance venues, which recently included GLI.TC/H, Megapolis, Kunstradio, and The Kitchen, as well as spaces in Argentina, Mexico, and the Netherlands, among others internationally.
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