Marc Herbst
Marc Herbst is an artist, writer, and coeditor of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest (joaap). He is interested in the expansive field at the intersection of the environment, livability, and culture and his work is based on an appreciation of the multitudinous potential of being as informed by activist and cultural struggles. With joaap, Herbst has collaboratively edited ten books, including, most recently, a conceptual catalogue for New York City’s Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (edited with Benjamin Shepard, designed by Emily Larned), and a translation of Ada Colau and Adrià Alemany’s Mortgaged Lives (translation by Michelle Teran). Herbst has authored a comic book series on possibilities for a postcapitalist, post–global warming style of dress, a zine on pre–World War Two German youth groups, and has an ongoing project encouraging people to watch plants instead of the news. He’s been employed and occupied by an array of disciplines, and he performs, presents, and teaches internationally. Herbst is currently a PhD student at Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies.
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