The End of The World: Contemporary Visions of The Apocalypse
New Museum curator
8 in. x 9 in.
The End of The World: Contemporary Visions of The Apocalypse. 1984; 81 pages; paperback; 24 b/w illustrations. Explores cultural influences on and diverse approaches to this timeless theme. Essay by Lynn Gumpert; includes artists' statements. Preface by Marcia Tucker. Artists: Rudolf Baranik, Richard Bosman, Roger Brown, Linda Burgess, Bruce Charlesworth, Michael Cook, Robert Fichter, Reverend Howard Finster, Dana Garrett, Frank Gohlke, Louie Grenier, Alan Herman, Donald Lipski, Melissa Miller, Robert Morris, Beverly Naidus, Helen Oji, James Poag, Katherine Porter, Craig Schlattman, Michael Smith, Marianne Stikas, Robert Younger. Exhibition Catalogue.
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The New Museum
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