Markus Raetz: In the Realm of the Possible
New Museum curator
6 in. x 7.625 in.
Markus Raetz : In the Realm of the Possible. 1988; 64 pages; paperback; 29 b/w illustrations. This retrospective, covering 15 years of Raetz's work, examines themes relating to the senses; memory, language and the relationship between nature and the body. The essay by Marcia Tucker discusses the seemingly simple informality of Raetz's process while emphasizing the paradoxically complex visual experience that the work provokes. The book is profusely illustrated with drawings from Raetz's sketchbook. "I'm moved by this lack of mastery, so different from what I'm used to experiencing not only in relation to works of art, but to almost everything else in this society. In an age of rapid, global communication, Raetz's pieces, like poems, require intimacy and attention. Just as a poem can't be skimmed, the fluid and elusive presence of Raetz's work, its uncategorical diversity, the shifting ground of exchange between the viewer and viewed it creates, lure me into looking, looking again, and looking into looking, again and again." -Marcia Tucker, "In the Realm of the Possible," p. 53. Exhibition Catalogue.
Photography Credit
Farideh Cadot Gallery
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