Carolee Schneemann: Up to and Including Her Limits
New Museum curator
8.25 in. x 10.25 in.
Carolee Schneemann: Up to and Including Her Limits. 1996; 68 pages; paperback; 31 b/w, 10 color illustrations. Emerging in the early 1960s world of experimental film, music poetry, dance and Happenings, Carolee Schneemann's multi-media work addresses the interrelationship of avante-garde art issues and broader cultural concerns. This catalogue, published in conjunction with the first American museum exhibition devoted to three decades of Schneemann's work, examines her exploration of the body as an artistic medium and her role as a leader in the development of a mature feminine social critique. Contributions include: In The Flesh, by Dan Cameron, Schlaget Auf: The Problem with Carolee Schneemann's Painting by Kistine Stiles, Love Rides Aristotle Through the Audience Body, Image and Idea in the Work of Carolee Schneemann By David Lee Strauss. Exhibition Catalogue.
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