Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces
New Museum curator
6 in. x 9 in.
Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces. 2002; 64 pages; paperback; 32 color illustrations. This book brings together several useful and complementary viewpoints for considering the artists included. Architectural historian Mark Wigley has contributed an outstanding text on the speculative science fiction visions of contemporary architects and their historical precedents. Rhonda Lane Howard from the Henry Art Gallery has provided a discussion on the obsolete dialectic between the real and the virtual and the many philosophical perspectives it has engendered. Finally, Anne Ellegood has given us a superb and detailed description of the concerns of the participating artists as expressed in the work on view. Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces by Anne Ellegood, The Fiction of Architecture by Mark Wigley, Virtually Real: Eversionist Space by Rhonda Lane Howard. Foreword by Lisa Phillips. Artists: Haluk Akakce, Ricci Albenda, Aziz + Cucher, Nina Bovasso, Stephen Hendee, Cannon Hudson, Craig Kalpakjian, Patrick Meagher, Julie Mehretu, Matthew Northridge, Sven Pahlsson, Adam Ross, Dannielle Tegeder, Shirley Tse, Kevin Zucker. Exhibition Catalogue.
Photography Credit
Penny McCall Publications Fund at the New Museum
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