Take No Photographs Leave Only Ripples (Installation View)
27 Inkjet prints on silver foil
46 1/2 x 33 inches each
Clunie Reid prints out images found online, makes mixed-medium drawings with them, photographs the results, and prints them again. Her method is like a semi-manual version of Photoshop, where contact between the artist‘s hand and the digital image is an essential part of the process. Reid often flips images on their side or head as hammy suggestions of failure and disaster, or articulates her point with crude scrawls of a marker. Sometimes she does both. Binary thinking and sentimentality are objects of scorn for Reid, and she exaggerates their simplicity by layering them to the point of absurdity. Her techniques of re-photography and reprinting are formal doubles to these quasi-literary devices of rephrasing and reiteration. Reid describes herself as a “complete amateur online” yet her work demonstrates a true sensitivity to the condition of the digital image. She reuses certain images within a series, or even across several works. The silver foil she uses to print her collages adds an element of indeterminacy and fluidity as it captures the shifting color and light of the gallery where the work is displayed. Among other features of Reid‘s work, these speak to the overwhelming sensation of navigating a loosely managed, chaotic environment.
Photography Credit
Photography: Benoit Pailley
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