Secondary Market
Mixed Media installation
Hanne Mugaas is a curator whose exhibitions cross over into the terrain of art, and can often be understood as artworks. Her projects are inspired by the impact of the internet on visual culture and often manifest in transitory spaces, such as PDF files, websites, onenight exhibitions, and screenings. She is the co-founder of Art Since the Summer of ’69, a six-by-six-foot gallery housed in the former cleaning closet of the 195 Chrystie building, around the corner from the New Museum. The project on view here, Secondary Market (2010), is an assemblage of items that Mugaas has sourced from the online auction site eBay. The term secondary market refers colloquially to the backroom of galleries, and literally to the resale of contemporary artworks, usually after the work in question has increased in value. As a platform for buying and selling used items, eBay follows this same model, except its audience is the larger public, rather than collectors, galleries, and auction houses. Mugaas purchases new items for each version of the work here. In the past objects such as shopping bags that repurpose Picasso’s paintings as a design motif or T-shirts with repetitive patterns lifted from Andy Warhol have been included. Secondary Market, in both its name and concept, spotlights how art is translated outside of its primary market, and adopted and even re-created by popular culture. It acts as a small exhibition of art as it is popularly bought and sold—not through gallery backrooms, but on eBay.
Photography Credit
Photography: Benoit Pailley
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