"Dark Current" and "Black Outs" series
Archival inkjet prints
The photographs on display by Andrea Longacre-White include work from two series, entitled “Dark Current” and “Black Outs.” Both take their names from technical terms used in digital photography: “Dark Current” refers to the irregularities that can occur during an image‘s translation into digital content; “Black Outs” to a process whereby the artist’s shooting speed surpasses the flash’s capacity to recharge, resulting in a flash-less recording. Longacre- White uses these conditions of potential failure as a departure point for works that explore the lack of transparency or intelligibility in photographs, even when enabled by the highest production tools. Each work begins with a stock low-resolution photograph—in this case, images of car accidents that the artist found in response to a nagging vision that she herself would be involved in a car accident en route to get prescriptions for her dying father—that is then shot and re-shot in the artist’s studio, blurring the original image out of recognition, making it almost impossible to track or locate. Contemporary imagery is often subjected to endless reproduction and re-presentation, as it cycles through different contexts. Here, the artist speeds up the image’s evolution by submitting it to generations of re-shooting and re-framing in her studio. Applying different frames to the image, and capturing different surfaces, Longracre-White brings out the photograph’s materiality, its tangible presence and flaws—a far cry from the ephemeral state in which the photograph was first found.
Photography Credit
Benoit Pailley
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