"Sustained Visions"
April 23 - June 23 1979
“A show of work by three artists who have maintained a consistent and individual vision throughout their long careers… With a wry, humorous approach, Gaylen Hansen paints landscapes and profile figures which are emblems of the uncomplicated existence of animal and human forms in their own paradisiacal locales. Claire Moore combines words and images in drawings and paintings through a multitude of subjects, moods, and themes. Salvatore Scarpitta utilizes various painted three-dimensional forms, often wrapped in canvas strips, to make recognizable objects such as sleds or racing cars or to construct abstract paintings. All three artists have worked in isolation, either geographically (as is the case for Gaylen Hansen, who lives in Pullman, Washington) or esthetically. Rather than attempting a radical break from tradition or trying to establish a new formal vocabulary, each artist has drawn extensively form personal visual sources as well as from art history, attempting to adhere to one’s own impulses and intentions rather than to the dictates of taste or fashion.” - from The New Museum Press Release
New Museum curators
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York