"Exit: Ulrik Samuelson"
February 27 - March 27 1987

"Swedish artist Ulrik Samuelson's installations incorporate found and appropriated objects in recombinations that create stage-like allegorical sets. These recycled objects-chairs, couches, window frames, automobiles and even bombs- take on new significance in Samuelson's a rena, illustrating that truth is provisional and dependent on context for recognized meaning. Using the context, the location and the rearrangements, Samuelson explores themes of allegory, repetition and death.

'Ulrik Samuelson: Exit' is a new installation, created for the Work- Space at the Museum. Many of Samuelson's signature objects reappear here, including the rock-like painted pattern and the framed glass painted as windows, in a continuation of his theater or "network" of objects. "I like to talk about networks," he states, "since I don't think there exist isolated objects with absolute qualities."
The installation is presented in conjunction with "Ulrik Samuelson: Paintings" on view at ASF Gallery of the American Scandinavian Foundation, and is organized by guest curator Lars Nittve, senior curator of the Modema Museet in Sweden. The exhibition of approximately 20 paintings will be on view at ASF Gallery March 3 through May 8."

New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum