The Window on Broadway: "Sweet Red-2"
February 27 - March 27 1987

Performance: Thursday, February 26 at 8 p .m.

Continuous video installation February 27 through April 27, 1987

"For Su-Chen Hung, the East/West duality she experiences as an Asian living in theW est has provided inspiration for her work in performance and video. Her subtle, meditative performances are informed by her interest in self-reflection and her exploration into the integration of Westem and Asian techniques and ideologies.

Sweet Red-2 , Hung's installation for the Window on Broadway, highlights her concerns with the nuances of movement and the passage of time. As in some of her earlier works, the video installation is preceded by an actual performance, which is then continuously repeated on a video monitor. Hung's use of the glass in the window, translated through the glass of the video monitor, intensifies the blurred distinction between· the actual performance and the video repetition. The audience sees only Hung's lips, pressed against opaque rice paper as she slowly "eats" a length of vivid red string. The sensual quality of this interaction merges a physical sensibility with the more ethereal nature of meditation.

Su-Chen Hung has exhibited extensively in Japan, Taiwan and California . Sweet Red-2 and her inclusion in the exhibition "Reading Art" represent the first time New York audiences will have an opportunity to see her work."

New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum