"The 1970s: New American Painting"
June 15 1979 - February 10 1981
The 1970s: New American Painting Organized by Allan Schwartzman, Kathleen Thomas, and Marcia Tucker Sponsored by the United States Information Agency (USIA) Traveled to Italy, Denmark, and Eastern Europe "In America, the 1960s was a decade of so-called 'mainstream' art, dominated by a single critical viewpoint exemplified by the thought of Clement Greenberg. . . . The decade of the 1970s, however, has been marked by a shift away from simple, primary forms in painting, and a concomitant feeling that there is no mainstream or major style (that is, no style which is inherently more important than any other). Recent painting rather, is highly individualistic, if not idiosyncratic. Painters tend to avoid grouping together in 'schools' or uniting under a stylistic banner, and for the most part reject the 'old master' prototype. -The 1970s: New American Painting catalogue.

“Organized by The New Museum at the invitation of the International Communication Agency of the U.S. Government, the exhibition features the work of 42 American painters who gained recognition or became influential in the 1970’s. The exhibition is part of a larger presentation of American culture, ‘America Now: A Look at the Arts in the ‘70’s,’ … The 1970’s: New American Painting highlights the diversity of expression and a multiplicity of approaches by painters throughout the Untied States form 1970 through 1978.” -From The New Museum Press Release
New Museum curators
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York