Pia Camil A Pot for Latch
Through a variety of mediums, including sculpture, performance, and installation, Camil exposes the inherent problems as well as the latent potential within urban ruin, drawing inspiration from the inner-city landscape of her native Mexico City as well as from the history of modernism. Her exhibition features a new participatory sculptural installation that was made specifically for the New Museum Lobby Gallery and was inspired by the modular display systems used by vendors that are ubiquitous in the downtown area of Mexico City. Camil presents gridwall panels of her own design, which form a volumetric drawing within the space of the gallery and reference cheap commercial constructions as well as the serial patterning in paintings and sculptures made by Minimalist arists such as Sol Lewitt and Agnes Martin. During designated exchange days, Camil invites the public to participate in the ongoing creation of her piece by encouraging visitors to swap their own unique items for others in the installation the composition grid panels is thereby in flux and is repeatedly altered throughout the course of the exhibition. In this way, the Lobby Gallery is transformed into a shop of sorts, in which the monetary value of an object is supplanted by its personal history and significance.

New Museum; 2015; Softcover; 12" x 9"; 6 pp; Folds out to 36" x 24" poster
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York