Anri Sala Answer Me
This catalog, accompanying the New Museum exhibition Anri Sala: Answer Me, presents the work of Anri Sala (b.1974), one of the most acclaimed artists to emerge in recent decades. This exhibtion marks the most comprehensive survey of his work in the United States to date.

In his early video works from the late 1990s, Sala used documentary strategies to examine life after communism in his native Albania, observing the role of language and memory in narrating social and political histories. Since the early 2000s, his video works have probed the psychological effects of acoustic experiences, embracing both music and sound as languages capable of conjuring up images, rousing nostalgia, and communicating emotions. In subtle visual narratives, Sala often depicts what appear to be fragments of everyday life, and his intimate observations experiment with fiction to double as enigmatic portraits of society.

Since his debut film, Intervista (Finding the Words) (1998), to his recent installations that explore spatial and temporal manipulations of music, Anri Sala has developed a widely acclaimed multimedia practice founded in the interplay of images, sound and architectural space. Probing notions of memory and time–both personal and historical–Sala's works engage the viewer's awareness of being present while calling attention to the political dynamics of space.

New Museum and Phaidon; 2016; Hardcover; 10" x 8.5"; 192 pp; 114 colour illustrations; ISBN 9780714871783
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York, Phaidon Press Inc, New York, NY