"Embodying Faith"
May 11 - June 11 1991

"Five artists, five bodies, and an array of strategies-'Embodying Faith' surveys the material terrains and the visual horizons where the immaterial and the invisible are potentially realized. For some, the question of faith is not so much (or no longer just) one of belief in transcendental values, but of belief in the adequacy of art to respond to such impulses and concerns, whether or not they may be true. In a development perhaps parallel to Christianity's ambiguous attitude
towards the body, the material practice of art-making has itself become fraught with ambivalences. lt is regarded as a fragmentary,
rather than comprehensive, gesture. For others, however, faith remains firm and its embodiment a matter of choosing the
fullest means available. It is striking that, in comparison with other artists who have adopted a more distanced and critical stance,
religious meaning remains fervid and genuine for Emmanuel and Suarez-Rosado. Perhaps it is because, as Victor ZalmudioTaylor
suggests, for those of Latino identity who have suffered a profound violation of their cultures, "it is the bartered body and rhe mutilated corpus of a shared tradition where difference and specificity as
well as resistance and change has and is to be grounded."

New Museum curator
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum