"Andres Serrano: Works 1983-1993"
January 27 - April 9 1995

Traveling exhibition organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; coordinated for presentation at The New Museum by Marcia Tucker "Andres Serrano: Works 1983-1993, the first mid-career survey of the artist's work, allows viewers to move beyond this media stereotype and to assess the depth of Serrano's critical engagement with a range of challenging subjects. The works in the exhibition were selected from seven series of photographs that span the artist's career to date . . . These series have taken as their focuses ecclesiastic and mythological iconography, bodily emanations (urine, blood, semen), dead bodies (fragmented "portraits" shot in a morgue), and guns (the Objects of Desire series), themes that converge on a blunt evocation of death and afterlife, the body and its dismemberment. His continued focus on rituals of violence, spiritual life, and the body has led critics to cast Serrano as a kind of purveyor of abjection and blasphemy, a reading that has been framed through the lens of the late 1980s censorship debate and its dichotomies of sacred and profane, totem and taboo, reverence and repulsion."

-Brian Goldfarb, exhibition brochure.

Guest curator
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New Museum curator
Public Program
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York