"Sixth Annual Altoids Curiously Strong Collection"
October 29 - November 20 2004
Since its inception in 1998, the Altoids Curiously Strong Collection has provided direct support and meaningful opportunities for exposure to up-and-coming artists. It has grown into an important collection of innovative works by some of the most talented emerging artists of our time.

Each year Altoids invites a group of highly regarded art world professionals to identify and select up to 25 new works for the Collection. The result is a compelling annual overview of many of the subjects, formal qualities and materials in use today. From abstract paintings and drawings to decorative sculptures and representations of well-known faces and landscapes, the Curiously Strong Collection underscores the diversity of contemporary artistic production in a broad spectrum of media. Panelists have included David Byrne, Renee Cox, Dave Hickey, Jeff Koons, David Ross, Douglas Fogle and Lisa Phillips.

In 2000, Altoids donated the entire Curiously Strong Collection, as well as all works subsequently acquired for the Collection, to the New Museum. The Collection now numbers 133 works. This gift made a significant contribution to the Museum's holdings and marks its first-ever acceptance of a corporate art collection. This innovative and adventurous approach to visual arts patronage has become a highly anticipated annual survey. The sixth annual Collection features 23 visually-arresting works on view for the first time in New York.
New Museum curator
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York