"Events: Fashion Moda"
December 13 1980 - January 8 1981
Fashion Moda, a Museum of Science, Art, Technology, Invention, and Fantasy, is located in a South Bronx storefront; and for two years they have been presenting exhibitions involving artists and other professional people, community residents, and children. Its intention has been to include work, art, and ideas from cross-cultural sources that can be made available to people within the widest possible spectrum of educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Fashion Moda’s success derives from the meshing of its own interests with those of its audience.
At The New Museum, Fashion Moda will present an extremely wide range of ideas and work. Included will be the subway grafitti of Futura and others, Christy Rupp' s "Urban Wildlife," and John Fekner's stenciled slogans, which received media coverage during the "counterconvention" that was staged in the South Bronx during the Democratic convention in August. The work of New York City artists Jane Dickson, Keith Hering, Judy Rifka, William Scott, Joe Lewis and John Ahearn will be shown along with work by Robert Colescott and Louise Stanley of Oakland, CA and pieces by several New Orleans artists seen here for the first time.
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York