"Outside New York: Seattle"
March 26 - June 1 1983

"Living and working outside New York has, rumor to the contrary, many advantages. There is a sense of esthetic and intellectual independence, as well as a shared sense of community that is often the result of living and working outside the 'mainstream'." Outside New York: Seattle catalogue “Outside New York: Seattle is the third in an ongoing series focusing on art created throughout the United States or in a specific city, state, or region. This series provides artists who choose to live and work outside New York City with access and exposure in this city’s art world. Reciprocally, it provides the New York audience with material otherwise inaccessible… Rather than being a thematic exhibition or one which attempts to define a regional sensibility, Outside New York: Seattle reflects the diversity of work being created by the selected eight artist, all of whom have been working for 10-15 years. Accordingly, the format of the exhibition provides each artist with a separate exhibition ‘room.’”

New Museum curator
Courtesy the artist and New Museum, New York