Extended Sensibilities: Homosexual Presence in Contemporary Art
Extended Sensibilities: Homosexual Presence in Contemporary Art. 1982; 60 pages; staple-bound; 55 b/w illustrations. Contributions include: Sensibility As Content by Daniel J. Cameron The Homosexual Self: Part One, "Rituals of the Organism" by Harmony Hammond and Betsy Damon, "Confrontational Transvestism" by Charley Brown, Lee Gordon and Les Petites Bonbons, The Homosexual Other: Part Two, "The Beautiful Lover" by Janet Cooling, Jerry Janosco, and Lili Lakich, "The Impassive Double" by Scott Burton, John Henninger, Ross Paxton and Jedd Garet, "Romantic Projections" by Nancy Fried and Craig Carver, The Homosexual World: Part Three, "Nature Sublimated" by Jody Pinto and Fran Winant, "The World Transformed" by Arch Conelly, Carla Tardi, and Gilbert & George. Artists: Charley Brown, Scott Burton, Craig Carver, Arch Connelly, Janet Cooling, Betsy Damon, Nancy Fried, Jedd Garet, Gilbert & George, Lee Gordon, Harmony Hammond, John Henninger, Jerry Janosco, Lili Lakich, Les Petites Bonbons, Ross Paxton, Jody Pinto, Carla Tardi, Fran Winant. Guest curated by Daniel J. Cameron. Exhibition Catalogue. 8 in. x 9 in. Funding: The New Museum
Guest curator
New Museum