"New Work / New York: Susan Dallas-Swann, Lynne Elton, Steve Keister, David Middaugh, Fred Smith, Jeff Way"
May 13 - July 8 1978
New Work/New York "'New Work/New York' [is] an exhibition of the work of six contemporary artists living in New York City…In keeping with The New Museum’s policy of giving exposure to new and provocative works which have not been shown extensively, ‘New Work/New York’ focuses on the variety of fresh approaches revealed by these artists. Steve Keister’s sculptures evoke the feeling of suspended time and a resultant calm and dream-like mood, where time and movement are frozen at a specific moment. In an ephemeral way, Susan Dallas’ light apparatus and lens constructions explore the projection of diffracted light. A sensitivity to natural phenomena is evident in the wall pieces of Lynne Elton, in which shapes and surfaces reflect the constant evolution if geological formations and processes. Metamorphosis in a totally separate vein characterizes the exploration of psyche and fantasy in David Middaugh’s extremely intricate, meticulous drawings. This intricacy is in total contrast with Fred Smith’s almost ‘raw’ approach to sculpture: his zigzag forms and startling color juxtapositions do not emulate, but parallel certain primitive concerns and approaches. Finally, the multiplicity of the styles represented in Jeff Way’s obsessive and often bizarre paintings coincides completely with the keynote of the entire exhibition: variety, as opposed to similarity.” - from the New Museum Press Release
New Museum curators
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum Archive