Damaged Goods: Desire and the Economy of the Object
Damaged Goods: Desire and the Economy of the Object. 1986; 56 pages; staple-bound; 34 b/w illustrations. While the role of the object has been a critical one in the history of modern art, it occupies an even more central place at present, in an era dominated by advanced technology. Instant information storage and transfer, the telecommunication industry, and the rapid growth and increasing importance of advertising have changed the nature and meaning of the object in contemporary society as a whole, as well as in the arts. "Damaged Goods" addresses some of the issues raised when the object is viewed in a variety of contexts, all of which reflect upon its role and value within the artwork itself. The essays each discuss the question from a specific point of view, and add to the continuing critical debate concerning postmodernism as a whole. Foreword by Marcia Tucker. Acknowledgments by Brian Wallis. Organized by Brian Wallis, Adjunct Curator. Essays by Artists: Judith Barry, Gretchen Bender, Barbara Bloom, Andrea Fraser, Jeff Koons, Justen Ladda, Louise Lawler, Ken Lum, Allan McCollum, and Haim Steinbach. Exhibition Catalogue. 8.5 in. x 11 in. Funding: The New Museum
New Museum curator
New Museum