A Labor of Love
A Labor of Love. 1996; 95 pages; paperback; 49 b/w, 1 color illustration; jacket includes full color-installation photos and excerpts from "Colliding Worlds" public discussions. A Labor of Love uses over one hundred often intricate and labor-intensive works of art and installations by Pier Consagra, Dianna Frid, Liza Lou and forty-seven other artists to explore the definitions and categorizations which have separated decorative and hobby arts, craft, outsider and folk art from the fine arts. Supported by brief artists statements, an in-depth essay by director Marcia Tucker examines the distinctions between "amateur" and "professional" artists; the impact of feminist theory and practice in ideas of domestic labor and artmaking; the different values assigned to work made in the public and private realms; the place of handiwork in American culture today; and the traditional separation of high art from the quotidian. "I'm not trying to say that there is no difference at all between art and life, aesthetics and politics. Now do I believe that folk and fine, high and popular art are the same; there are differences in relation of making to community; differences in intent and value; in function and in form, purpose, training, context; opportunity, reception, etc., that are neither simple nor singular. But when works of art elude and thus destabilize accepted categories, they encourage us to think about how, when, and for what purpose the categories were created." -Marcia Tucker, "A Labor of Love," p.72. Artists: Chelo Amezcua, Imogene Jessie Goodshot Arquero, Alan Belcher, Robert Brady, Darren Brown Bette Burgoyne, Larry Calkins, Rene David Chamizo, Dale Chihuly, Pier Consagra, William Copley (Cply), Jacob El Hanani, Tom Emerson, Dianna Frid, Carmen Lomas Garza, Chuck Genco, Nole Giulini, Michael Harms, Bessie Harvey, Mary Heilmann, Oliver Herring, James Hill, Indira Freitas Johnson, Jane Kaufman, Larry Krone, Paul Laffoley, Dinh Q. Le, Charles LeDray, Liza Lou, Michael Lucero, Raymond Materson, Josiah McElheny, Sana Musasama, Richard T. Notkin, Manuel Pardo, Elaine Reichek, Faith Ringgold, A.G. Rizzoli, Diego Romero, Richard Rule, Alison Saar, Kevin B. Sampson, Beverly Semmes, Judith Shea, Kazumi Tanaka, Kukuli Velarde, Margaret Wharton, Robin Winters, Willie Wayne Young, Daisy Youngblood. Exhibition catalogue. 7 in. x 7.75 in. Funding: Penny McCall
New Museum curator
New Museum