John Waters: Change of Life
John Waters: Change of Life. 2004; 144 pages; hardcover; 50 b/w, 180 color illustrations. John Waters: Change of Life, published on occasion of Water's first major museum exhibition, presents a survey of his still photographic works and stills from his earliest and seldom-seen no-budget films: Hag in a Black Leather Jacket, Roman Candles, and Eat Your Makeup. The book also includes images of objects from Waters's personal collection that reflect his ongoing fascination with photographic imagery, the mass media, and some of the more outrageous expressions of American popular culture. Accompanying these artworks, film stills, and quirky images are contributions by notable cultural and art historians that zero in on Waters's cinematic mind and photographic eye, and on surprising artworks that speak for themseles in more subtle and complex ways than might ever be expected. Contributions include: Sponsor Statement frm New line Cinema, He Has Seen "It" by Lisa Phillips, Everything Always Looks Good Through Here! John Water and Photography by Marvin Heiferman, Water Works by Gary Indiana, Looking For Art in All the Wrong Places: John Waters's Surrogate Drawings by Brenda Richardson. Interview with artist by Todd Soondz. Co-Curated by Marvin Heiferman and Lisa Phillips. Exhibition Catalogue. 10.25 in. x 11.875 in. Funding: Penny McCall Publications Fund at the New Museum
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