Andrea Zittel: Critical Space

Andrea Zittel: Critical Space. 2005; 247 pages; 291 color illustrations. "For the past fifteen years, with a keen and critical eye, Andrea Zittel has closely observed the contemporary urban ecosystem. Her work as an artist has engaged vigorously with design, architecture, and urbanism, forming an experimental investigation into and conceptual assessment of, our aspirations to live fully and in harmony within that often contradictory landscape...This exhibition and catalogue were developed in close collaboration with Zittel. In fact, it was at her suggestion that our mutual curatorial interests in her work converged in this project...The catalogue has benefited from the scholarly contributions of some exceptional colleagues and writers, including Cornelia Butler; Robert Cook, associate curator at the Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth; and the interview team of Beatriz Colomina, professor of architecture and founding director of the Program in Media and Modernity at Princeton University, and Mark Wigley, Dean of the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation, Columbia University, New York." -Paola Morsiani, Curator (Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston) & Trevor Smith, Curator (New Museum, New York). Contributions include: Emancipated Usage: The Work of Andrea Zittel by Paola Morsiani, New Deeds A Frontier Practice by Robert Cook, The Rules of Her Game: A-Z at Work and Play by Trevor Smith. Interview with artist, A-Z Drive-Thru Conversation, by Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley and Andrea Zittel. This catalogue has been published to accompany the exhibition Andrea Zittel: Critical Space organized by Paola Morsiani, Curator (Contemporary Arts Museum Houston), and Trevor Smith, Curator (New Museum, New York), for both institutions and a North American Tour. Exhibition Catalogue. 9.625 in. x 11.625 in. Funding: The Brown Foundation, Inc., Houston, TX; Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Albuquerque, NM

Guest curator
New Museum curator
Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX; New Museum, New York, NY