"Montage: Unmonumental Online"
February 13 - March 30 2008
The final portion of “Unmonumental” will be presented online. “Montage: Unmonumental Online” will feature works by an international group of fourteen emerging and midcareer artists who appropriate diverse material from the Web to create new Internet-based montage. Cutting and pasting, breaking apart and re-assembling, ripping and remixing, the participating artists extend the radical practice of collage to the Internet, demonstrating how previously tried techniques can engender rich, new artistic practices. Their works incorporate varied formal elements: digital images, sound, video, or code, and also recite fictions and fantasies found online.

The Internet is a veritable theme park for commerce, popular entertainment, and self-marketing. Rather than dismiss this creative space for these reasons, the artists embrace these unique conditions. The logic behind the selection of the work argues that an artist’s engagement with this system and simultaneous refusal to entrench commerce is among the most powerful tactics available to them. The exhibition will be available online from February 15 to April 6, 2008 at rhizome.org/montage.
New Museum curator
Guest curator
Public Program
Courtesy the Artist and New Museum